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PŻM Polska Żegluga Morska

Address: 70-419 Szczecin,
pl. Rodła 8
telephone: 91 359 43 33
fax: 91 359 42 88


Polsteam (Polska Żegluga Morska) is one of the the biggest dry bulk shipowner and ships' operator in Europe. The operator's global share in that shipping sector is over 1% which places the company among the first ten biggest shipowners in the world. Furthermore, Polsteam
Polsteam head office.
Plac Rodła 8, Szczecin, PL is extentively involved in carriage of liquid sulphur having a fleet of modern specialised tankers. With these ships Polsteam leads in the world niche market of liquid sulphur.

Polsteam is the biggest dry bulk shipowner and ships' operator in Europe and one of the biggest shipowners in the world.

about 1 per cent share in global transportation of dry cargo in bulk
the biggest dry bulk cargo carrier in Europe
leader in world transport of liquid sulphur
76 vessels totalling about 2.1 million dwt
vessels ranging from 11.000 dwt to 80.000 dwt
over 21 million tons of cargoes transported annually
Baltic ferry business between Poland and Sweden (railway wagons, trucks, lories, passengers)
For at least twenty years all operating and investment decisions have been taken independently, without taking advantage of any subsidies or protectionism.

Polsteam is a state-owned national entity. Being present on the international shipping market, since its creation the Company has always been functioning within the free market business.


Polsteam commercial offer:

World-wide bulk cargo tramping.
Transport of liquid sulphur.
Ferry service in the Baltic Sea.
Commercial, operational and technical fleet management.
Charter and brokerage.
Agent service in Polish ports.
Comprehensive technical fleet management.
Casco insurance consulting.
Manning with highly qualified maritime staff.
Advice giving and intermediary service while negotiating employment terms and conditions for seafarers, including ITF standards.


Polsteam operates 76 vessels totalling 2.2 million dwt.

The fleet can be divided into the following sizes: a large group of handy-size vessels and panamaxes. Apart from the dry bulk carriers the Company operates 4 liquid sulphur carriers and the car/passenger ferry (m/f Polonia, m/f Gryf, m/f Wolin, m/f Skania) managed by Unity Line Ltd., Szczecin.

At present the Company is working on a newbuilding investment program until 2015 of 34 bulk carriers, including handy-size and panamax vessels.

According to the renewal program, the Xingang Shipyard delivered to Polsteam in 2009 the ships as follows: m/v MAZOWSZE, m/v ORAWA, m/v KURPIE, mv KOCIEWIE and mv POLESIE.

The plans for 2010 include 10 ships to be delivered : 4 bulkers post-panamax type (80.000 dwt.) from New Times Shipyard - mv GIEWONT, mv JAWOR, mv ORNAK and mv RYSY, 5 bulkers "laker" type (30.000 dwt.) from Mingde Shipyard - mv MIEDWIE, mv DRAWSKO, mv RESKO, mv WICKO, mv Juno, and the last bulker from Xingang Shipyard - mv WADOWICE II (37.700 dwt.)

With this modern and relatively low aged tonnage the Polsteam is a very competitive partner in the international shipping market.


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